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Origin Healthcare Solutions is a leading provider of healthcare Revenue Cycle Management and business and clinical intelligence products and services, with an expansive portfolio of complementary software and business solutions including:

  • integrated practice management/electronic health record (EHR) software
  • transcription services
  • practice and financial management consulting

Our proven solutions help increase cash flow, accelerate reimbursement, and inform business strategy and clinical decisions of healthcare organizations.

We can manage all or part of your business with a comprehensive suite of easy to use products and services. We connect multiple data sources with innovative software and web-based solutions resulting in operational and clinical improvements for long-term business success and improved quality of care.

  • Revenue Cycle Management — Faster claims processing, prompt denial management and an industry leading first-pass claims resolution rate of 99% allow our clients to experience increased cash flow and one of the lowest average accounts receivable days outstanding in the industry. Our technology platform combines robust data modeling with specialty specific elements into a Revenue Cycle Management platform that optimizes workflow and financial performance.
  • Business and Clinical Intelligence Solutions — Designed specifically for the healthcare industry, our proprietary analytics solution, Precision.BI, enables healthcare organizations to integrate medical billing data with other financial, clinical, disease management, supply chain, contract management, managed care, compliance and physician productivity data resulting in more effective decision making, increased revenue and improved patient care.
  • Integrated Electronic Health Record (EHR)/Practice Management Software — Streamlines office redundancies and makes users more efficient. ┬áCan assist you in obtaining meaningful use dollars.
  • Transcription services — Allows you to conduct documentation and access dictation from anywhere. Our solution is fully automated with powerful data mining capabilities and can be customized to meet the needs of your healthcare organization.
  • Practice and Financial Management Consulting — Provides access to industry experts who will collaborate with you to ensure the financial health of your organization.